Identify Stakeholders

Facilitator Instructions


  1. Develop a shared understanding in the Food Rescue Alliance of how each organization’s stakeholders overlap and how organizations prioritize the folks impacted by and that impact their work. 
  2. Figure out who the stakeholders in our organization are, which of them need to be involved in the cooperative software process at what level, and what issues they may bring with them.


Consider the question “Who may be affected by or have an effect on the work our organization does?” We’ll brainstorm the stakeholders of our organizations, a subset of which will be recruited to participate in later activities.You’ll use dot voting to identify five stakeholders to dive into more detail, identifying their interests and mapping them based on influence/interest. There will also be a “parking lot”, a space for any questions, thoughts, or critiques that might arise during the activity. 

Familiarize Yourself with the Activity

Read over the instructions for the day of the activity. What questions do you have?

Find the Stakeholders

Consider who might have a critical insight to offer. Invite them, if possible. The group could include your staff, primary volunteers, participants, and other stakeholders. If the group is just your staff or core coordinators, that’s fine. 

Consider Facilitation Dynamics

  • Decide how you want to document the activity. Take photos of each phase? Or have a notetaker capture them?
  • How many people are participating? 
  • Do you have enough people to provide differing perspectives? If not, how might you change that? Consider breaking up the activity into multiple calendar events to include those folks.
  • Is your space large enough to have multiple groups working simultaneously if needed? Consider utilizing windows or a hallway.
  • Do you need to adjust the timing of the instructions?
  • Do you need to recruit a timekeeper to stay on track and give time warnings? Or is that something you can handle as well?
  • Where can you trim time in the activity if needed?
  • Can you participate in the activity? 
  • Do you need to add a break to the itinerary?
  • Are you and your group willing to share photos of yourselves engaged in the process? It would be fun to share those with the Food Rescue Alliance.

Gather Materials

  • Sticky Notes
  • Markers
  • Room with plenty of wall space for sticky notes
  • A mechanism for recording the process and outcomes (camera, notes etc)
  • Print out materials: 1 set of instructions, # of Handouts, # of Stakeholder Maps
  • Tape
  • [optional] Snacks

Are your notes complete? If using photos, are the sticky notes legible? Verify you have the following information:

  • Photo or notes of all brainstormed stakeholders
  • Photo or notes of top 5 – 6 stakeholders & their interests
  • Photo or notes of top stakeholders on the stakeholder map
  • Parking Lot photo or notes if there’s anything in there

Upload all photos & notes from the activity to a folder in the cloud (eg Google Drive or Dropbox), make the link shareable with anyone with a link (if you’re comfortable with that) and submit the link to the materials below.

If you run into any issues or prefer a different privacy setting for your materials submit via email to

Ask for Clarification

Contact They can clarify any questions, concerns, or help think through adaptations to this activity for your group dynamics.