Building a Journey Map

Facilitator Instructions


  • Align the Food Rescue Alliance’s mental map of how each organization operates.
  • Better understand the experiences and needs of folks who participate in the daily tasks of your organization.


There are three scenarios to complete. Each scenario will have a persona, a beginning, and an end. A persona is a fictional character that represents the different user types that participate in your organization, providing a humanizing context. Your group will figure out the steps, at a high level, in between the start and endpoints. Next, you’ll flesh out the context, thoughts, emotions, information needs, and actions for the persona at each step. There will also be a “parking lot”, a space for any questions, thoughts, or critiques that might arise during the activity. 

Familiarize Yourself with the Activity

Read over the instructions for the activity. What questions do you have?

Read over the scenarios in the instructions. Do you need to tweak the persona to make it more relevant to your organization? Are there additional scenarios that are important to your organization? If there are important scenarios, write additional personas and scenarios into the activity. Please complete the three scenarios with the beginning and endpoints as written so we can standardize concepts across organizations for comparison, but we welcome additional scenarios or tweaks to the personas. We’ll use these as a starting point for broader and more in-depth discovery later.

Find the Stakeholders

After reading the scenarios, consider who has participated in the scenarios listed. Invite them, if possible. We’ve found that pairing someone with direct experience with someone who has less or no experience with the scenario provides an optimal result. The person with the experience provides the resource we’re trying to get at, while the person with little to no experience can ensure it’s explicitly stated. 

Consider Facilitation Dynamics

  • Decide how you want to document the activity. Take photos of each phase? Have a notetaker capture them? Hybrid?
  • Do sticky notes adhere to your walls? Do you need to use butcher paper?
  • How many people are participating? Can you break up into three groups of at least two people? 
  • How might you break up into smaller groups? Does it make sense to do it randomly (like having everyone count off) or do you need to assign specific people to specific scenarios?
  • Do you have enough people to work on all three scenarios simultaneously? If not, how might you adjust the time needed? Consider breaking up the activity into multiple calendar events to conserve attention span.
  • Is your space large enough to have three groups working simultaneously? Consider utilizing windows or a hallway.
  • Do you need to adjust the timing of the instructions?
  • Do you need to recruit a timekeeper to stay on track and give five-minute warnings? Or is that something you can handle as well?
  • Where can you trim time in the activity if needed?
  • Can you, the facilitator, participate in the activity? 
  • Do you need to add a break to the itinerary?

Gather Materials

  • Sticky Notes
  • Markers
  • Room with plenty of wall space for sticky notes
  • A mechanism for recording the process and outcomes (camera, notes, etc)
  • Participant Handouts
  • [optional] Tape to rescue fallen sticky notes
  • [optional] Snacks

Are your notes complete? If using photos, are the sticky notes legible? Verify you have the following information:

  • Legible documentation of the complete journey map
  • Ratings each group gave their journey map.
  • [optional] Comments other groups gave a journey map.
  • Anything in the “parking lot”.
  • Whatever else you think is pertinent.

Upload all photos & notes from the activity to a folder in the cloud (eg Google Drive or Dropbox), make the link shareable with anyone with a link (if you’re comfortable with that) and submit the link to the materials below.

If you run into any issues or prefer a different privacy setting for your materials submit via email to

Ask for Clarification

Contact They can clarify any questions, concerns, or help think through adaptations to this activity for your group dynamics.