User Interviews

Understand how FRA member organization’s technology and logistics needs are changing from the status quo.

Step 5: User Interviews

Synthesis of Existing Research

Table of various FRA rescues – comparison. Try to understand how organizations differ in: size, logistics, org structure, recipients & stakeholders, values & priorities, needs & challenges. Determine different profiles/buckets. Make journey maps more visual.

Status: Complete Output: Draft Interview Questions


1-2 Preliminary interviews to help shape and direct the main bulk of interviews. Main interviews, include volunteers, walk through journey maps and software.

Status: Complete Output: Transcripts

Synthesis of New Research

Summarize research findings and create shareable artifacts.

Status: Complete Output: Visual Summary

Share Results: User Interviews

Solicit feedback & share results of this round. Feedback on outcomes from all activities. Promote transparency of the process.

Status: Not Started