Identify Participants

Identify the attributes of organizations that use the Robot and make up FRA. Target specific representation. Build a list of folks willing to participate in different ways.

Step 1: Identify Participants

Examine Previous Research

Research and frame the ask for people who have contributed feedback in the past. Produce a list of folks who’ve participated.

Status: Complete Output: Previous Research Participants

Examine Robot Data

Understand the who, what, and how of organizations using the Robot. Represent usage visually. Identify attributes of organizations using the app. Identify non-FRA organizations using the app.

Status: Complete Output: Robot Data

Reach out to FRA

Celebrate our progress on the software. Invite FRA to participate, whether they use the app or not. All voices are important and welcome. Develop an email list and a plan for outreach, including email language. Recruit other organizations to become organizers.

Status: Complete Output: Communication Log