Understand Needs & Challenges

Broad understanding of FRA member organizations’ needs and challenges. This could be a clear list or design principles (e.g., “support on-the-go use of tool”).

Step 3: Understand Needs & Challenges

Identify Stakeholders

To gain all the advantages a participatory process brings, we have to figure out who the stakeholders are, which of them need to be involved at what level, and what issues they may bring with them.

Status: Complete Output: Stakeholder Submissions

Likes & Challenges

Understand the challenges organizations face with their current software (Robot or otherwise). A list of high-level challenges and journeys compiled across participants.

Status: Complete Output: Likes & Challenges Submissions

Journey Map

Understand the individual organization’s journey of food from source to someone’s mouth. Bonus: What does the regional journey to impacting food waste look like? Description of each touch-point along the journey, actors involved, context around each point (location, tools, etc.), goals/tasks at that point, info they need, emotions they experience.

Status: Complete Output: Journey Map Submissions

Share Results: Understand Needs & Challenges

Solicit feedback & share results of this round. Feedback on outcomes from all activities. Promote transparency of the process.

Status: Complete Output: Results